H.B. Sugg Elementary School
                Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What time is breakfast served in the cafeteria daily?
Breakfast is served from 7:15 am until 7:45 am.  Students must arrive prior to 7:35 am to receive breakfast. 

2.  What time does school start?
Doors open for students at 7:15 am.  Students should be in school by 7:30 am.  Instruction begins at 7:40 am.  Students are counted as “tardy” or late when the 7:45 am bell rings.  If a student arrives (unless they ride a bus) after 7:45 am, an adult must walk him/her to the office to be signed in.

Please Note:  Pre-Kindergarten students are to arrive at 8:15 a.m. and are to be dismissed at 2:45 p.m.

3.  What time is school dismissed?
School dismisses at 2:30 pm.  Students shall not be permitted to leave school before the regular closing hour except for extraordinary reasons.  A student may be dismissed with the permission of the principal for a medical or dental appointment for the time required by the specific appointment.  Students shall not be excused for outside activities, such as music lessons, dancing lessons, etc., because of the state’s minimum school day requirement.

4.  How much do breakfast and lunch cost?
Breakfast is $1.00 (free for reduced breakfast).  Lunch is $2.00 ($.40 for reduced lunch).  Milk or juice (alone) is $.50.  Lunches may be paid for by the week or month.  Checks should be made out to H. B. Sugg School.

5.  In Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade, do students have homework?
Students, in grades K-2, will have homework 3-4 days per week for 0-30 minutes per day.  Students should read (whether it is their “take home reader”, magazine, newspaper, book at home, etc.) EVERY DAY.

6.  Transportation?  What services can the school provide?
H. B. Sugg Elementary School is obligated to provide transportation for your child from your residence to school and from school back to your residence.  As a courtesy, we currently offer transportation to a number of locally established daycares.

7.  If I drive my child to school, where can I drop him/her off?
Students that are driven to school need to be dropped off at the back of the building at the cafeteria entrance.  Doors open at 7:15am and close at 7:45am.  Any student arriving after 7:45am must enter through the front of the school and report to the office before going to class.  
Please Note —       
Pre-K students are not to be dropped off at school before 7:30am.

8.  If my child has been out sick, what do I need to do?
Please send a note with your child on the day he/she returns to school following any absence.  Timely and accurate documentation of attendance is vital.

9.  What are the school fees used for, and how much are they?
School fees are used to ensure the instructional success of our school.
Fees are $10.00 per school year per child.

10.  What are the guidelines for the school uniforms that start with the 2011/2012 school year, and where can I purchase them?
The following link will give you answers concerning school uniforms, i.e. where to purchase, school colors, and other FAQs.


11.  Additional information about school uniforms.
School uniforms will be worn by all H.B. Sugg students in grades KI through 2.  Pre-Kindergarten students are not required to wear uniforms.

12.  Spanish Language information regarding school uniforms.